Isolation and Influencers

For the last month, many of us have been working or studying from home due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and our style has changed with that. For me, now that I don’t have to see anyone other than my family, I have been rocking a uniform of joggers and hoodies, the odd time I am too lazy to even change out of my pyjamas! With all this extra time I have been scrolling and scrolling through endless Instagram stories of toilet paper challenges, song of the day challenges and of course, hundreds of ads. Pretty Little Thing, Missguided and ASOS ads regularly pop up throughout my feed, but there is no escaping them on stories either as countless influencers have been providing us with handy swipe-up links to their LSOTD- Loungewear Set of The Day. Some of them are kind enough to add them to their highlights so we won’t forget to use their affiliate link. After about two weeks of these of seeing these ads from a certain Limerick/New York based influencer, I was starting to crack up, I mean who needs that many matching sets of clothes to wear at home where no one will see it!!! As I am writing this post, I am wearing a pair of burgundy joggers I got in Penney’s probably 5 years ago and a TY hoodie I stole from my brother that has burn marks on the sleeves. It’s not red carpet worthy but sure, as mammy used to say, who’ll be looking at me.

Now my major problem with loungewear sets is the fact that they usually can only be bought separately. For example, this cute pink velour hoodie and jogger set on Pretty Little Thing is listed separately on the website for €35 and €32 respectively. That is almost €70! Some online retailers have started sales during the lockdown, Nasty Gal have reduced much of their loungewear to half price from €40 – €60.

I know scrolling through online retail and fast fashion websites are a handy way to ease the boredom, we have to remember that on the other side of our screen are people who are forced to work side-by-side everyday without social distancing to get the package to your door. Whether it be the manufacturer of the clothes, the websites distribution workers or the men and women sorting through orders at post offices and distribution hubs around the country. Why not support some independent clothes sellers on depop or on Instagram, many of these sellers are running their shops alone and it may be their only source of income. Gracie, @spice_vintage on Instagram, is constantly dropping gorgeous vintage bits on her stories even when shes not at her Limerick City store. The Wild Éire have some fabulous vintage and reworked items on their website and are always posting unreal outfit inspiration on their Instagram page. Depop sellers, Vintage Revamp and Past Trash, and all the others mentioned above are taking precautions with all of their stock and shipping during Covid-19.

Stay Safe xo

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